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Dear Sergeant,

Mayor de Blasio is clearly attempting to undermine the leadership of the SBA, and you should know the truth about it.

You have recently read reports in the media which indicate I am being investigated by Internal Affairs for comments made by me in my capacity as your President, including my declaration of war on Mayor de Blasio’s failed leadership following the recent attempted assassination of two Bronx cops, the chaos that took place during the subway “protests” in Brooklyn, and the rape and murder of a ninety-two-year-old woman in Queens. The press also reported information leaked by a “high-level city official” taken from a confidential IAB interview, in an attempt to impugn my character. In a retaliatory attempt to assault my reputation and fracture the solidarity of the SBA – a clear and obvious violation of State and Federal labor laws, and of my First Amendment right to speak out on matters of public concernthe same source claims the Department is investigating my salary, suggesting I receive pay to which I am not entitled.

First, let me assure you in no uncertain terms: I WILL NOT BE SILENCED BY THREAT OF DISCIPLINE, NOW OR EVER!

All of my criticism of Mayor de Blasio is well-deserved and will not cease until he abandons the policies that are placing all members of the SBA and the NYPD at greater risk of injury and death while making it more difficult for us to do our jobs. I am confident that my comments enjoy broad support among the SBA membership and members of the NYPD overall – you have repeatedly told me so – and I will not be intimidated by the coercive tactics employed by City Hall. I assure you a “ retaliatory targeted investigation” by the Department, will be met with quick legal action by the SBA.

If the Mayor’s response to my criticism is to threaten and retaliate against my First Amendment rights, he is once again sorely misguided. Because of his failed agenda, including decriminalization of quality of life offenses and hands-off policing, we continue to experience spikes in crime, preventable homicides and violent crime, worsening relationships with our brother ICE officers, and the deterioration of neighborhoods throughout the City. His continued support of the disaster known as bail reform has released career criminals back into the community time and again: criminals are mocking law enforcement, boasting that they will be released within hours while we are still processing the arrest. Perhaps the Mayor simply wants to create a distraction so the media will forget the Eight Hundred Fifty Million dollars which disappeared from ThriveNYC under his wife Chirlane McCray’s watch.

It does not matter: I will continue to tell the truth, to highlight what really goes on and defend the men and women in law enforcement loud enough for the elected Mayor to hear, and I will fulfill my role as your advocate and exercise my First Amendment rights on all issues that affect your ability to protect the City – and most importantly go home safely.

It is no surprise that I am a target for City Hall; the SBA Twitter account has the second-largest law enforcement following in the country. The SBA repeatedly highlights the failed progressive policies that threaten to destabilize the nation’s largest cities, New York first among them. Mayor de Blasio has ventured on a very slippery slope, first misusing the Patriot Act to seek a reporter’s telephone records, now employing the Internal Affairs Bureau and leaks to tabloid media to muzzle a union president who advocates for his members. What is surprising is that the Mayor is so obvious, threatening my position while we are in the midst of collective bargaining: this threat is an unmistakable effort to force the SBA to accept a contract that has already been rejected by 75% of the uniformed services, and a clumsy shot at removing an SBA administration that has successfully sued the City and won in excess of Forty-Five Million dollars in damages for our membership.

It is troubling that information allegedly taken from a confidential Group 1 investigation has been leaked. Fortunately, I am confident that the appropriate notifications have been made, the source of this “leak” will be swiftly discovered, and the leaker will be promptly and expeditiously held to account.

Finally, in a desperate effort to besmirch my integrity, City “sources” claim the Department is investigating me for accepting night differential despite not working at night. This is a blatant lie, easily disproved. I am paid no different than you, a NYPD Sergeant, based on the same collective bargaining agreement that covers each member of the SBA. The City is reimbursed the salary of each police union official who has been granted an excusal to perform union duties as part of the collective bargaining agreement and has been in effect for over 50 years, long before I became SBA president. The NYPD/City of New York determines the rate of pay for each union official through our collective bargaining agreement: not the union. I have never asked for nor received any additional benefit. The salary I receive is determined by the Department in accordance with that formula that the City has created. I have never submitted any request for night differential or overtime since becoming your President. The City knows this: it is their records which would prove it. Once again this is just another LIE manufactured by the city.

You elected me your President to represent you without fear, and to put the interests of the members first. To me, that means communicating our message in the terms needed to get the message heard. I pledge once again that I will not be bullied into silence by the Mayor, or anyone else, as long as I have the privilege to serve as your President.

I am not afraid of Mayor de Blasio. I fought the crack war in the 1980’s with five years in this department all while Bill De Blasio was in Nicaragua as an ardent supporter of the ruling socialist government, the Sandinista National Liberation Front. We don’t threaten “consequences” when we are offended or our egos are a little bruised. Real New Yorkers stand up and defend themselves on the merits. Mayor de Blasio needs to defend his programs on the merits, truth is he cannot. I make no apology for defending law enforcement.

Fraternally,signature-ed-mullins3Ed Mullins