President’s Message

April 17, 2020 - 3 minutes read

Dear Sergeant,

The dangers of routine police work have been greatly exacerbated because there is the risk of being infected at work and unwittingly transmitting this scourge to our families. The logistical, physical, mental, and emotional stress related to COVID-19 is unbearable and unyielding.

Because of the SBA’s relationships at all levels of government, we have been receiving an abundance of information, all of which I have been sending to you in daily bulletins. In addition to that, we have been working with our Washington Representatives and personal attorneys to plan for what might come after the coronavirus subsides.

The chances for residual effects are possible so it is crucial that we prepare for such contingencies. I realize I am bombarding you with voluminous amounts of data, but it is all relevant to what we are experiencing. I urge you to review it and file it away for reference now and in the future.

There are numerous political missteps taking place. These include emptying the city jails of violent criminals, which adds exponential dangers to our already daunting work. Mayor de Blasio’s handling of this crisis has been as dismal as all of his other leadership efforts during his tenure.

We have lost many active and retired NYPD members to this insidious disease, and I ask you to keep all of them in your thoughts and prayers.

It seems that there is some light at the end of this dark tunnel, so let’s hope that that we can put the worst of this nightmare behind this in the coming months.

The SBA office remains open during normal business hours. We have several SBA civilian staff members working from home handling Health and Welfare matters.

I apologize if you experience a delay in service, however we need to minimize exposure of our staff in order to remain operational. The SBA Board remains available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please call at any time if we can assist you in anyway.

I cannot thank you enough for all you are doing. Each of you have made the law enforcement community proud. You have continued to perform your duties in such exemplary fashion under extreme working conditions at grave risk to yourself.

I remain honored to represent you as president, to lead this organization, and to have the best of the best as our members.

Stay safe and vigilant and try to find a degree of comfort in the fact that we are all in this together, and we will get through this together. As the finest frontline supervisors in the world, we have proven in the past that there is no challenge too great for us to conquer.

Fraternally,signature-ed-mullins3Ed Mullins

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